Avon, the world’s most-sold fragrance brand*, is once again giving fragrance lovers an opportunity to experience a piece of perfume heaven with the return of Perfumania, its once-in-the-year celebration of its fragrance range during the month of May.

During Perfumania, fragrance enthusiasts can fully immerse themselves in Avon’s diverse perfume range with never-heard-of prices, exclusive offers with a plethora of gift sets for upcoming celebrations and special moments.

“We’ve been able to provide a luxury fragrance experience to perfume lovers who value the scent of exclusivity and distinctness at an affordable price but with the signature of high end quality,” says Lukasz Kowalczyk, Head of Omnichannel Brand Experience. “Our globally most-loved fragrances are developed by Master Perfumers from the rarest, finest ingredients. Through Perfumania, we’re giving our customers the opportunity to find their number one fragrance with us.”

The cost-of-living crisis has pushed consumers to think strategically about how they spend their money. Fragrance aficionados are therefore looking to make the most of their cash when purchasing perfume. They also want multiple scents for different occasions. For one month only in May, Perfumania affords consumers limitless access to Avon’s perfume vault where they can experience luxury and quality fragrances without the price tag of high-end brands, of which some have been upstaged by Avon perfumes in blind tests.

Avon has made it even easier for customers to find the perfect scent for themselves or for the person they would like to gift. With the Avon Perfume Finder, a customer can match the most suitable fragrance for the recipient by simply answering a short list of questions which takes away the daunting task of choosing from a wide range of options.

The Perfumania basket of scent includes:

  • Avon’s most loved brand, Far Away, which provides the ultimate escape with the scent of orange jasmine flowers on a rich, sultry base of Madagascan vanilla. The Far Away range – which includes Far Away Original, Far Away Infinity, Far Away Glamour, Far Away Gold and Far Away Beyond – is exclusively made for the modern woman to escape the mundane of the everyday and indulge in the glamorous.
  • The Attraction range in both Him and Her offerings. The Attraction range offers fragrances for both men and women. Designed for him, the fragrance employs an ambery scent enhanced by the spicy notes of ginger root and masculine woods. With infusions of blackberry magnetic musk accord and vanilla amber, the For Her fragrance offers an alluring blend of sensual blackberry musk accord.
  • The Imari fragrance of warm and exotic notes enables women to feel the fire and get empowered to unleash their desire with a captivating allure.
  • Black Suede which complements the gentleman’s casual charm with a freeing blend of aromatic wild lavender and rich sandalwood with a masculine suede base.
  • Today Tomorrow Always, a stunning white floral scent is infused with neroli flower, orange flower petals and cedarwood to leave special moments lingering long after they’re over and;
  • Full Speed for the high-paced man who loves the ultimate adrenaline rush with a scent bursting with citrus and crisp cypress that settles into a rich woody base.

Perfume lovers can experience Perfumania and find their number one scent by visiting Avon’s website ( or from any Avon Representative countrywide. Perfumania ends on 31 May 2023.

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