In a vibrant celebration of African heritage, Castle Milk Stout, affectionately known as “Inkunzi Emnyama,” announces a ground-breaking collaboration with Ukhozi FM.

This collaboration goes beyond a mere two-week campaign; it’s a melodious odyssey spanning a decade of cultural dedication. From Maskandi melodies to the pulsating heartbeat of “Inkunzi Emnyama,” we extend an invitation to all South Africans to partake in this harmonious celebration.

This collaboration extends beyond radio frequencies. It’s a cultural expedition inviting South Africans to rediscover their roots. Through the Siyay’jika Music Special and the Castle Milk Stout Selection on New Year’s Eve, we amplify the volume of cultural conversations.

The return of the iconic “Inkunzi Emnyama” on our packaging is more than a visual revival; it’s a reclamation of public spaces for African customs. In the heart of KwaZulu-Natal, Castle Milk Stout stands as a beacon, urging all to find their rhythm amidst the cacophony of modernity.

As the curtain rises on this cultural spectacle, let’s not forget the chapters that led us here. From the annual Ancestor’s Day, a call to official recognition, to the thought-provoking Black Conversations Series, Castle Milk Stout has been a conductor of conversations that delve deep into our heritage.

Khwezi Vika, Brand Manager of Castle Milk Stout, emphasizes,

“Our brand isn’t just a beverage; it’s an anthem of African pride. This December, let’s savor not just the taste but the symphony of our collective identity.”

“As we embark on this cultural journey, Castle Milk Stout stands as a proud advocate for African heritage, celebrating the richness of our culture. This December, we invite you to savour not just the music but the essence of our collective identity.”

“In collaboration with Castle Milk Stout, Ukhozi FM brings more than a playlist; we offer a cultural experience. Our partnership is a symphony of African rhythms echoing through the heart of South Africa, specifically in the beautiful province of KwaZulu-Natal.”

Castle Milk Stout invites media partners and the public to join this cultural crescendo. For more information, please contact Tshepiso Setene at

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