Celebrating excellence in business and entrepreneurship, premier winemaker Rupert & Rothschild presented the second edition of its Making Moments series on Wednesday, 22 February at Circa Gallery in Rosebank, Johannesburg.

Marking the rising tide of entrepreneurship in South Africa, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Report of 2021/2022 cited a significant increase in total early-stage entrepreneurial activity amongst South Africans aged between 18 and 64, noting that 20% of South African adults who are not in business, have entrepreneurial intentions. The market has distinctive role model entrepreneurs who have forged homemade household brands of great South African pride.

In recognition of the role that entrepreneurs play in the economy, those with bold ambitions to reignite the local economy connected at an inspiring professional encounter with South Africans who have built successful, internationally recognised, and distinctive businesses and brands. Themed ‘Fireside Conversations’, and inspired by the folkloric tradition of storytelling around a fire, passion met partnership, as industry leaders shared their journeys, lessons and experiences with a new generation of business people, their peers, and each other.

From its inception in 1997, Rupert & Rothschild Vignerons has been rooted in partnership – created through the shared legacies, histories, cultures, and dreams of its founders.

“In this spirit, taking our cue from wisdom passed down, and ideas and experiences shared, our latest gathering – Fireside Conversations – brings together Chris Weylandt (Founder and CEO of Weylandts), David Higgs (chef, author, and co-founder of The Marble Group), and Ofentse Pitse (Owner and conductor of world’s first all-black orchestra) for an evening of meaningful connections, informative conversations, and inspiring stories.

Connecting the culinary, art and design worlds, we heard about their journeys, learned from their wisdom, and considered the challenges they’ve faced, in a conversation focused on what it takes to forge an enduring legacy – as we balance wisdom with forward-looking vision,” says Carla Malherbe, Global Sales and Marketing Manager at Rupert & Rothschild.

The 2023 edition of Making Moments celebrated industry leaders who embody the pursuit of excellence and a timeless commitment to quality, and whose careers reflect the partnership and craftsmanship that defines Rupert & Rothschild’s three wine offerings. She adds, “Our wines are rooted in the simplicity of an idea, elegance of an approach, impact that endures, and the dedicated focus required to realise a clear vision. Embodying this ambition, the three speakers shared stories in an environment where the aspiring met the established and peers connected; where empowerment met excellence, creativity met courage, and accomplishment met ambition.”

She continues, “We are passionate about peoples’ distinctive journeys of purpose and believe that meaningful moments are made when this is shared. Much like many people in our country, our panel are creative revolutionists who seek to make moments that matter for more people.”

Toasting to their success, in the spirit of our exceptional, distinctive wines, of superior quality, the evening was hosted by Mashudu Modau, founder of the business- and entrepreneurship-focused ‘The Mashstartup Podcast’. The conversational session was rounded off by a feature performance from the critically acclaimed South African Venda folk singer, Muneyi.

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