BabyGirl 24/7, the epitome of sophistication, exclusivity, and impeccable service, is thrilled to announce its official opening in the heart of Cape Town. Located at 15 Bree Street, this exclusive destination is set to redefine luxury beauty experiences and capture the hearts of beauty enthusiasts across the city.
At BabyGirl 24/7, clients can expect a wide range of high-quality beauty treatments encompassing nails, lashes, waxing, make-up, skin treatments, and hair styling.
Each experience has been meticulously designed to transport their valued clients into a world of indulgence and refinement, creating unforgettable escapes with every visit.

More than just a beauty destination, BabyGirl 24/7 embodies the vision and unwavering dedication to the excellence of owner Daphney Phogole. Daphney and her team of experts share a passionate commitment to providing top-tier treatments and exceptional service. Clients will be pampered, cared for, and indulged as they embrace the artistry of beauty in their serene and inviting environment.

As you step into the salon, and you will be greeted by elegance, class, and a modern touch. With a signature look that sets them apart from any other salon, BabyGirl 24/7 exudes luxury in every detail. From the carefully chosen neutral colours to the use of marble, gold accents, and hints of diamonds, BabyGirl 24/7 reflects the refined taste of their founder.

To bring this vision to life, Daphney collaborated with the finest luxury experienced interior designers at Soda Custom, who understood her specific requirements and elevated her ideas to create a space that exceeded her wildest dreams.
“Opening BabyGirl 24/7 has been a dream come true,” says Daphney Phogole. “I wanted to create a salon that not only offers the best beauty treatments but also embodies elegance, class, and my personal taste for luxury. I believe we have achieved that and more, and I can’t wait to welcome our valued clients into this extraordinary haven of beauty and indulgence.”
BabyGirl 24/7 is ready to welcome you into an enchanting world where luxury meets pampering. Step inside and experience the true essence of beauty.

To learn more about BabyGirl 24/7 and experience the epitome of refined beauty, visit their Instagram page or book your treatment online.

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