For over 100 years, Kellanova, previously Kellogg’s, has been at the forefront of breakfast innovation in South Africa. The company launched its Power of Breakfast campaign to showcase its commitment to elevating the product innovation and nutrition of its cereal portfolio and increasing the choices available to consumers. This highlights the company’s commitment to being a responsible social contributor to public health goals. 

The campaign affirms the Kellanova Better Days Promise, a promise to create better days for people by advancing sustainable and equitable access to food by addressing the intersection of well-being, hunger, sustainability, equity, diversity, and inclusion. 

In this campaign, Kellanova showcases its continuous innovation products with a focus on sugar reduction by relaunching its entire kid’s portfolio. It now has 25% less sugar, is fortified with iron, and is high in 7 B vitamins, which contribute to energy, combat fatigue, strengthen immunity, and enhance mental performance. The range promises a Great Taste and aims to help consumers create healthy daily eating habits that support their overall health.

Through the campaign, Kellanova showcases its Kellogg’s All-Bran range, which offers consumers five benefits of fibre: added Iron and zinc, reduced bloating, feeling fuller for longer, keeping regular, and supporting digestive wellness. Recently, the company launched Kellogg’s Granola Health range: Kellogg’s Cocoa Delight Granola- added protein and Kellogg’s Granola Cinnamon Crunch with 50% less sugar.

Kellanova’s product range offers a combination of higher protein and lower sugar content, essential for maintaining lean muscle mass, growth and repair, and an active lifestyle. Reduced sugar consumption improves mood and mental clarity and encourages better energy throughout the day.

“Kellanova believes that well-being is a journey that involves listening to our consumers, understanding their needs and preferences, and offering them nutritious, tasty, and convenient products. This involves constantly innovating and improving our products, using the best ingredients and the latest technologies”, says Zandile Mposelwa, Corporate Affairs Director at Kellanova.

As a legacy brand, Kellanova has etched its name in the hearts and minds of South Africans; its cereal products nourish and delight and stay true to the culture, tradition, and dietary needs of people living in South Africa. Breakfast cereals are essential to South Africans’ diet, contributing carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and fibre when consumed with milk, protein, and calcium. The consumption of breakfast cereals is well recognized as an essential part of a balanced diet. In addition, milk consumption contributes significantly to calcium and riboflavin intakes.

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