SunBet Arena, Time Square Casino in Pretoria will be turned into a battlefield on 28 October when Sjava and Focalistic battle it out to win the crowd for the title of Red Bull SoundClash champion. The night will be one to remember as the two music titans take the Amapiano vs African Trap Music sound to the people. Who will win – African Trap Music or Amapiano? 

The two artists will take to two stages across seven rounds as they compete for the audience’s attention on the night, it’s all about winning the crowd to clinch the title. Red Bull SoundClash is no ordinary concert, but a unique one that pushes artists beyond their musical boundaries.

Twitter streets have been talking about the death of African Trap Music in Mzansi and how Amapiano has taken over. However, artists such as Sjavahave proved otherwise. His latest studio album has recently surpassed an impressive 42 million streams on major music platforms since its release. Not only does this showcase his exceptional musical skills, but also his keen eye for collaborations having worked with a few iconic South African artists on the album. Collaboration is key in Red Bull SoundClash, as both team captains will have to put together a team that they will be performing with on the night. Does Sjava have the magic formula figured out? We shall find out on the night.

“I’m excited to be one of the first South African artists to be chosen for Red Bull SoundClash. My team will be bringing all the fireworks, dedication, and passion to their artistry. People will be surprised by my team, and I hope everyone enjoys the music at the end of the day. That’s what makes South African music unique.”

The second stage will be taken over by Focalistic aka President ya Straata who promises to bring energy ya straata to Red Bull SoundClash by keeping the audience on their feet throughout his entire performance.

“The energy level will be massive on the night, and I promise to bring all the cool, swag and the atmosphere only South Africans know how. I’m very excited to be part of Red Bull SoundClash, the music and catalogue is huge now, and I plan to bring that to the stage.”

Focalistic is known for his illuminating and high energy performances that will have the audience doing all the latest TikTok challenge moves as they party the night away. Will the “Ke Star”superstar enjoy home ground advantage in Pretoria and shine on the night? Get your tickets now and be sure to join us to find out.

What awaits you at Red Bull SoundClash

Round 1: The Warm Up

Each artist plays some of their best hits to warm up the audience and let them know, “I’m here.”

Round 2: The Feature

Who has the best features? Each artist has a limited time to bring out some of their featured artists on their songs, and perform it together.

Round 3: The Cover

This round sees both artists having to cover the same iconic song but in their own personal style & flavour.

Round 4: The Takeover

The fourth round sees each artist starts playing one of their hit songs and the other artist

“takes it over” half way through and finishes it in their own style. This is where things really start to  heat up!

Round 5: The Clash

The fifth round sees each artists playing their hits in a style that is far removed from their usual sound. This is where we hear the fresh, new and unheard.

Round 6: The Wildcard

This round sees each artist team flex their muscle by inviting secret guests to blow the audience away.

This is the final chance to win the crowd’s favour. Who will reign victorious? You decide!

For more information on the Red Bull SoundClash, visit or join in on the conversation on social media using the hashtag #redbullsoundclash #TeamRed #TeamBlue

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