Since the release of Mobile Suit Gundam series in 1979, the Gundam universe has steadily expanded while captivating audiences with compelling characters and complex narratives. Set in a future where Earth is embroiled in conflicts between space colonies and the Earth Federation, the franchise has boldly explored novel technologies, the human condition, and so much more. As a forward-thinking brand at the heart of culture, the Levi’s® brand has continuously innovated and expanded its iconic styles and classic garments. With an eye towards its overarching thematic battles and the imaginative science fiction of the Gundam universe, the Levi’s® brand and Gundam have created a futuristic collection while upholding the enduring craft of Levi’s® apparel.

While there are countless characters and storylines within the Gundam universe, the humanoid Gundam machines piloted by talented humans are at the center of all the action. The Levi’s® x Gundam SEED collection captures the sci-fi beauty of the mobile suits and the recurring fight between different ideologies. Leading the way are the Levi’s® x Gundam SEED ’93 501® jeans and the matching Relaxed Trucker. Made from indigo denim with a light stonewash finish, the jean and jacket both feature patterned prints of the Strike Gundam, a blue jacron backpatch, and a co-branded patch. Meanwhile, the Levi’s® x Gundam SEED Technical Anorak, boxy and slightly cropped, comes with silver piping, oversized utility chest pockets, straps to tie back, and a large GAT-X105 Strike Gundam graphic on the back. It can be paired with the Cargo Pant, which also features matching piping as well as co-branded Gundam patches on the cargo and back pockets.

The Levi’s® x Gundam SEED collection includes an assortment of bold tops. The Boxy Tee, offered in both Starbright White and Destruction Black, features Gundam graphics (Strike Gundam and GAT-X105 Strike Gundam respectively) and a woven jacquard co-branded patch. The light gray Rugby comes with a cotton twill black collar, an oversized Strike Gundam print, and a jacquard jock tag. The dark blue Long Sleeve Tee features an eye-popping ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam print on the back as well as a mix of reflective and non-reflective print on the left chest and right sleeve. And finally, the red Levi’s® x Gundam SEED Hoodie features a glossy GAT-X303 Aegis Gundam print on the center chest and a jacquard patch on the left sleeve. 

The collection is rounded out with a series of co-branded, functional accessories. Made from Nylon and denim, the Gundam SEED Harness Bag can be strapped on and tightened for snug storage. The Gundam SEED Accent Pouch can be hooked to bags, pants, and more, while the Gundam SEED Utility Beanie provides head warmth and style as well as a small storage pocket. Inspired by Gundam’s visions of the future, many pieces of the collection have a unique utility element.  

The Levi’s® x Gundam SEED collection is available globally on, the Levi’s® App, and in select Levi’s® stores on 1 February 2024. Local South African availability starts February 8, 2024. Follow Levi’s on socials for updates on when the collection drops.

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