Sundown, heat up! is the feeling that Smirnoff wants to encapsulate this summer with the introduction of its new innovative offering, the latest fiery creation dubbed Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind. Inspired by the bold flavours of Mexico and crafted for the audacious spirit, this new variant is set to redefine your drinking experience and ignite your inner passion. It is now available for sale at leading retailers for just under R230 and may be enjoyed in several ways including the main serve which is as a shot serve cold from the freezer; and in a sharable punch for a group or a lovely local cocktail!

Drawing its intensity from the heart of Mexico and created for those who seek extraordinary experiences, Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind is a tantalizing blend that brings the edge, beckoning all adventure seekers to join its tribe.

Speaking about the launch of the new variant, Refilwe Bosii – Innovation Manager at Diageo – said: “Smirnoff is a pioneer in the world of spirits, and continues to push boundaries, crafting innovative flavours that resonate with today’s diverse and adventurous consumer base. With a legacy steeped in authenticity and a commitment to excellence, the Spicy Tamarind continues this legacy. It joins as a trailblazer in the realm of spirits, delivering bold experiences that capture the essence of the night.”

The essence of Spicy Tamarind is not just a drink—it’s an adventure waiting to happen. It’s the active ingredient to every memorable night, designed for those who dare to live boldly and embrace the unexpected.

Launched under the tagline ‘Proudly sweet, shamelessly spicey’ you can expect a distinct flavour experience. Bosii describes to the taste: “It’s Intense and disruptive with a strong invitation to a playful, spicey realm where Afro energy meets Mexican attitude. It is the audacious spark that heats the night and ignites your inner fire. Before the spice can heat your palate, a pleasant surprise from the heat meets the tongue – and before you know it, poof – it’s gone!”

Imagine a tantalizing blend that ignites your taste buds with a bold fusion of tangy tamarind, heightened by a fiery kick of spice. Smirnoff’s Spicy Tamarind is a sensory delight that delivers a zesty punch, reminiscent of the sun-soaked flavors of Mexico. And an intriguing fusion between the rich, sour notes of tamarind and the warming heat that lingers on your palate. The taste journey begins with an initial burst of vibrant tanginess, swiftly followed by a crescendo of spice that adds depth and character to every taste.

As the 2024 festivities set the stage for vibrant celebrations, let the new Smirnoff be your companion in creating memories that echo the essence of adrenalin in every sip.

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