“My mama told me

She said boy

Look me in the eye

Oh my my my

Don’t let no man

No man tell you cannot make it

No no no

No no

No no no no

Cause you’re a dreamer

Yeah you’re a hustler

And I believe it

Yes you can make it boy

You’re a champion

You’re not a quitter

You’re a warrior

Yeah you’re a fighter”

The above lyrics are from “GOD’s very own” aka Black Coffee’s Someday from his Home Brewed album—track #3, possibly my FAVOURITE song amongst many of his many exceptional songs. The reason is simple. This song is possibly the MOST PROPHETIC song written by anyone. Mr. Nathi Innocent Maphumulo SPOKE what has become his illustrious life into existence in 2009, on this song. Talk about Proverbs 18: 21 and lo and behold he is a Grammy award winner—a philanthropist of note hence this partnership with Mercedes Benz South Africa and the Black Coffee Foundation.

For more than six decades in South Africa, Mercedes-Benz has taken great pride in its role as a socially responsive and responsible corporate entity. Being the pioneers of the automobile and creators of the world’s most coveted vehicles, Mercedes-Benz recognizes that its influence extends beyond the showroom.

As a global brand, Mercedes-Benz acknowledges its significant responsibility, while also understanding that genuine progress necessitates collaboration with like-minded individuals, brands, and communities who share its dedication to propelling the world towards sustainability.

A Shared Vision Addressing Social Issues

The Black Coffee Foundation and Mercedes-Benz South Africa align with a common vision: Black Coffee is a global figure, a source of inspiration for many, a musical icon, and a motivator from Mthatha to Ibiza. Mercedes-Benz, as a global brand, views collaboration with the Black Coffee Foundation as fitting for uplifting communities, addressing social challenges, and restoring dignity to the most vulnerable among us with a focus on enabling self-reliance, promoting education, and fostering social integration.

Mercedes-Benz South Africa’s partnership with the Black Coffee Foundation signifies a deep commitment to advancing not only its corporate mission but also the welfare of the communities it serves. Together, Mercedes-Benz and the Black Coffee Foundation will chart a course towards a brighter future, working in tandem, leveraging strengths and resources to create a lasting impact.

Mercedes-Benz South Africa takes pride in providing the Black Coffee Foundation with a Mercedes-Benz GLE and a Mercedes-Benz Vito. These vehicles will assist in achieving the foundation’s set goals to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those most in need.

Focus Areas of the Black Coffee Foundation

Since its launch in 2010, the Foundation has been committed to providing aid, upliftment and opportunity to South Africa’s underprivileged and differently abled by analysing and providing for their needs through the implementation of sustainable, long-term initiatives that promote education, independence and social integration.

“Mercedes-Benz South Africa and the Black Coffee Foundation’s collaboration presents the perfect symbiosis focused on doing good for the marginalised members of our society through a focus on social cohesion and disaster relief. As a committed corporate citizen, our collaboration serves as an extension of our sustainability strategy, reaffirms our support of communities, and ensures that MBSA’s employees, suppliers and stakeholders continue to rally behind our brand.” – Abey Kgotle, Executive Director: Human Relations & Corporate Affairs.

“At Mercedes-Benz South Africa, we take immense pride in our collaboration with the Black Coffee Foundation. Together, we aim to not only bolster our reputation and brand image but also partner with other stakeholders to raise funds for socially impactful causes. We eagerly anticipate the transformative influence we will collectively generate with the Black Coffee Foundation.” – Mark Raine, Co-CEO of Mercedes-Benz South Africa

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