Local rugby player for the DHL Stormers, Hacjivah Dayimani, alongside business partners today announced the release of the locally produced luxury sneaker line named Hibacci. The partners are proud to re-introduce the range of two designs for men and women, available from www.Hibacci.com from 19 October ‘2023. 

Hibacci has reimagined its manufacturing processes since first coming into the market, removing imports of materials completely from the shoe-making methods – to investing in local production and creating employment in the process. The materials are now sourced from across the country – collecting the finest leather from Cape Town and completing manufacturing in a factory the business has partnered with up in Gauteng: “We’ve are working with a team of fifteen designers and shoe-makers – which is big for us; coming from the brink of bankruptcy to creating meaningful jobs that improve the livelihoods of citizens. This team is responsible for bringing our vision and shoes to life, ensuring the highest quality of design and production,” Dayimani explained.

“We were compelled to bring Hibacci back into the market due to the overwhelming demand from our clients after we halted production during the COVID lockdown because of the public backlash for importing the brand but also largely due to the infrequent supply of materials, which interrupted our manufacturing processes. We couldn’t be more thrilled to put in front of our supporters and lovers of Hibacci a high-quality, hand-finished range of sneakers that’s perfect for both the classic and whimsical yet discerning client who appreciates locally crafted goods,” said Dlamini.  

The brand has come to be loved for its classic and original designs; and for the new release, it has completely reconceptualized the style it has come to be loved for. Albeit not too much of a departure, the new sneakers for men and women are even more sleek in a clean all-white colour. The designs both feature a multi-paneled upper made of leather with white shoelaces, making them the ultimate choice for all types of occasions and looks that require chic dressing up or down. They retail for R2 499,99 respectively. 

Dlamini commented: “The luxury landscape has evolved in an interesting manner over the last couple of years; and our ambition is to grow alongside high-quality, locally-manufactured brands such as Maxhosa and Tshepo Jeans – who continue to prove that consumers are proud to don and support high-quality local brands. Not only that; but brands that are actively contributing to the stimulation of the economy in our market. Through this release, we will create approximately ten jobs as a start in the immediate community of Gauteng where our factory is located for the skills needed in the production process.” 

“It was really looking bleak for a second but we’re back, baby! You can’t beat the African spirit of resilience that resides in all of us: we’ve really taken stock, digested the learnings from our first release, cemented our credentials and we’re proud of the product that our valued clients will see from Hibacci. I can’t wait for them to experience the brand!” concluded Dayimani.

For more information or to shop the Hibacci range, visit www.Hibacci.com and follow @hibacci on social media platforms for updates, releases, and news

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