A delicious new chapter unfolds at Sandton City as Carrington Cookies, a cherished family-run enterprise, unveils its’ newest venture: The Carrington Cookie Bar. This delightful addition to the mall brings forth a unique baking innovation – the ready-shaped, perfectly portioned, frozen cookie dough that’s baked and ready to serve within 15minutes: Promising to deliver both taste and convenience.

Founded on a vision inspired by busy moms, unexpected guests and late-night cravings, Ayesha Essop, the young visionary and driving force behind Carrington Cookies brings to life a tale inspired by family, business and a passion for baking. Drawing from her father’s guidance and expertise in the industry, at the tender age of 28, she has not only carried forward a legacy but has also forged her own path as a forward-thinking entrepreneur.

At the heart of this culinary innovation lies their one-of-kind freezer-to-oven cookie dough. Designed with practicality in mind, these preservative-free cookie servings come neatly packaged in resealable bags, allowing customers to bake as few or as many cookies as needed without any mess or fuss. It’s the ideal solution for those seeking the taste of freshly baked cookies without the hassle.

Carrington Cookies’ freezer-to-oven cookie dough caters to the busy lives of moms, kitchen novices, and anyone craving a quick and scrumptious treat for themselves, their children or guests. The best part? It boasts the delightful flavour of homemade cookies, right in the comfort of your own kitchen. And for those with dietary restrictions, they offer a gluten-free option, ensuring that everyone can lap up the joy of homemade cookies.

But hold onto your cookie jar, there’s more sweetness to savour! The Carrington Cookie bar is not just about taking their delicious dough home; it’s a haven for cookie lovers to delight in the full experience. Visitors can enjoy indulgent scoops of cookie dough, freshly baked cookies, steaming cups of freshly brewed coffee and the company of friendly faces.

Join Ayesha and her family at their newly acquired kiosk in Sandton City and embark on a mouthwatering journey that promises to sweeten the day. Beyond just a cookie bar, it’s a celebration of the joys of ‘home’ and the spirit of entrepreneurship, nestled conveniently in the hustle and bustle of the city.

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