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Locally produced Van Ryn’s 15-year-old potstill brandy has been awarded as the World’s Best Wine Brandy at the 2023 World Brandy Awards announced in London, beating fierce competition from France, the United States, Australia, and South Africa’s most prominent brandy producers.

This is the second consecutive year that Van Ryn’s has been awarded this prestigious accolade and the third in four years. In 2022 Van Ryn’s 20-year-old potstill brandy was announced as the World’s Best Wine Brandy, and in 2020 Van Ryn’s 12-year-old potstill brandy achieved the same title.

Hosted by, the World Brandy Awards rewards the finest brandies from around the world, tasting each entry blind and scoring the brandies according to nose, palate and finish, balance, character, complexity, and overall quality. 

The panel of international judges praised Van Ryn’s 15-year-old potstill brandy as “A symphony of aromas unfolded, very complex and also well balanced between the scents. Big and powerful but still elegant. Great.”

An overjoyed master blender, Marlene Bester says this latest World’s Best title is truly the highlight of her career.

“Brandies are appealing to a new generation who embrace authenticity, gravitate towards products with a story to tell, and migrate to those that have the credentials. These World’s Best accolades achieved over the past four years, segment our commitment to innovation, quality and the art of crafting exceptional brandy, building on our reputation as one of the world’s leading fine brandy houses.”

The Van Ryn’s 15-year-old brandy is fragrant with notes of cigar box, orange peel, and balanced oak. Dark chocolate, warm spice, integrated oak, and fruit create a creamy and complex finish. Enjoy neat, on the rocks or as the base for a range of refreshing and innovative cocktails.

Visit the Van Ryn’s Distillery in Stellenbosch with its atmospheric Provencal-style buildings, for brandy tastings, brandy cocktails, special events and sundowners with live music sessions.  For more information visit them online or for event and tasting bookings visit them here

The range of Van Ryn’s award-winning products is available for purchase from their online store, or fine liquor outlets nationwide. 

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